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Confederation of School Trusts

We are delighted to be partnered with the Confederation of School Trusts.

CST is the national organisation and ‘sector body’ for school trusts in England advocating for, connecting and supporting executive and governance leaders, they are creating a forum for school trusts to belong to something bigger than themselves in order to speak authoritatively to government. Their purpose is to help create an excellent education system in England and to hold trust on behalf of children.

How CST will collaborate with Liberty Academy Trust

  1. An organisation that will stand up for your Trust.
  2. An effective voice in influencing policy on your Trust’s behalf.
  3. A powerful confederation which advocates for the public benefit of education and has ethics at the heart of leadership.
  4. Promoting and sharing the benefits of structural partnership, based on emerging evidence.
  1. Connecting executive and governance leaders to ministers, regulators and influential policy makers.
  2. Connecting executive and governance leaders to each other through supporting the creation of local/sub-regional networks, including brokerage so you find the help you need when you need it.
  3. Connecting executive and governance leaders to what you need to know through a regular email direct to your inbox.
  1. Professional development – delivered with a small number of carefully selected and highly credible partners – designed uniquely for Trust executive and governance leaders, including a certified governance leadership programme.
  2. Support for trustees and executive leaders when you face difficult decisions or challenges.
  3. Sector-led advice and guidance for executive leaders and the Trust Board.
Please click here for more details on CST and the work they do.