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Join Liberty Academy Trust

We are always happy to engage with schools, both special schools for autistic children and young people and mainstream schools with high Numbers of autistic children and young people, that are interested in joining the Liberty family or in working with schools in partnership to raise awareness and acceptance of autism.

Our core values of courage, determination and teamwork underpin our commitment to lifelong learning and improvement, and we actively encourage collaboration across our schools in the Trust and with new schools.

We offer a range of opportunities to work with schools who share our vision and values.

Try Before You Join Offer

  • Access to all Network meetings
  • Sharing of QoL Framework and support with positive implementation
  • 5 places on Liberty / AET training (from a selection)
  • Sharing of AET Framework and support for positive implementation
  • Access to and involvement with current research and development projects, designed to enhance the experiences and opportunities for autistic Children and Young People
  • Access to monthly therapeutic ‘drop in’ sessions
  • 1 day of Ofsted preparedness Support 
  • 1 day of Quality and Standards Review 
  • 1 day for whole staff presentation / INSET / conference on the importance of inclusive practice
To discuss future opportunities, please email: