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Standard 2 - Organisational Environment

We want all employees to enjoy coming to work and to work in a positive environment - only then will we get the best out of our people.  Our approach to the organisational environment is also supported in our Menopause Policy where environmental adjustments are offered as standard and in our Recruitment Policy where reasonable adjustment requests are encouraged.

However, as a Trust we are also committed to addressing home-work balance for all; the Summer 2022 staff survey  indicated that more than 50% of respondents wanted more flexible ways of working.

All individual schools have the freedom to explore a range of staff benefits, including flexible working, that works for their context.  Some examples of this currently in place include:

  • PPA from home;
  • Early starts and early finishes;
  • Late starts and late finishes; and
  • Duvet Days.

We continue to explore other ways in which flexible working can be expanded and supported for more colleagues.

Please contact your Principal in the first instance to discuss your flexible working request.