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Standard 3 - Open Culture to Discuss Mental Health

Mental ill health is often considered a taboo subject and as a society we need to improve our approach to talking about mental health generally.

All Liberty schools have a well-trained Senior Mental Health Lead on site and this ensures that supporting our children's mental health remains a central tenet of our approach to education.  However, we also work hard to make sure that all staff have access to mental health support as well - if we are not in a 'good enough' place mentally - how can we support our children?

Dr Nic Crossley, as CEO of Liberty, has been open and honest about her own experiences of mental ill health and encourages all colleagues to be able to talk about theirs in a safe and supportive space.  The Employee Assistance Programme offers all colleagues access to mental health support, either through day-to-day app support or through specialist access to counsellors and mental health nurses. 

Liberty colleagues can contact the Schools Advisory Service below.

The EDI Partnership Board, which meets termly, was established to give a voice to those of protected characteristics under the Equality Act (2010); we have representatives for mental health feeding into this Board and holding the Executive to account for our actions so that we can continue to challenge the stigma of mental health and work towards a truly open culture.